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Shut The Box


  • Great for Kids and Adults : Whether you are playing it at a bar with friends, at home with your kids, or children learning their math additions at school, the shut the box game is a quick and educational brain teaser for 2 or more players and fits every playing environment.
  • Solid Construction : The box and number tiles are made out of sturdy wood with a smooth and rich dark green finish. An easy slide cover with a nautical sailboat design is included for storage. The set measures 8.38W x 11.38D x 1.75H in.
  • 12 Number Tiles : This is a 12 number wooden shut the box set and numbers are printed on both sides of the tiles so they are visible when flipping up or down. Just roll the dice and flip the number tiles equal to the rolled number.
  • Felt on Bottom : Dice are included and the playing surface is lined with a brown felt so you can softly roll your dice without the worry of dice bouncing out of the box.
  • Perfect as Gift : More than just a simple flip game you can play, the unique cover design also makes it a nice gift and a special décor, adding flavor to your home or bar.