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Faith, Family & Flag: Memoirs of an Unlikely American Samurai Crusader


“Every day is a great day! I have my faith, my family, and live in the finest country in the world.”

There may be no greater words than the above to sum up the unflappable optimism, gratitude, and hope that has guided Major General James Mukoyama throughout his life's journey. They not only embody a personal mantra, they stand as a mindset—a north star—for anyone hoping to seize upon the American Dream. General Mukoyama's story, at its heart, is a love letter to the most generous nation on Earth—a beacon, a manifesto to remind us all that through hard work, dedication and an allegiance to something greater than oneself... anything and everything is possible.

“An extraordinary all-American journey, his life is an enduring reflection of selfless service, patriotism, leadership, and faith."
— Colonel Patricia S. Klop, U.S. Marine Corps

"This captivating memoir intricately weaves together personal experiences and timeless lessons, creating a narrative that is both candid and profound. Mukoyama’s exploration of faith, family, patriotism, and purpose resonates deeply as he shares poignant encounters that shaped his path."
—Brigadier General Stephen K. Curda, U.S. Army-Retired, PhD, Special Advisor to the President on Veterans Affairs, National Louis University