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DK Eyewitness: Arms & Armor


Discover the very first weapons ever made, shining armor worn by medieval knights, and the guns used by the frontiersmen and outlaws of the Wild West.

Eyewitness Arms and Armor gives you an exciting look at weapons and armor through the ages. Stunning real-life photography reveals the design, construction, and workings of armor, giving a unique view of how methods of warfare have changed throughout history.

See the way weapons such as guns, swords, and bows developed over time to win fights and wars. Learn how the improvement of the weapons forced the improvement in armor – as weapons became more accurate and deadly, the people in the firing line needed better protection! Find out which events in history sparked the creation of weapons and armor, and see who used them. 

Whether you’re already a history fan or want to learn more about how humans adapted their weaponry techniques over time, you’ll find lots of help inside this visual guide. 


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