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The Crossing Puzzle


300 Pieces

Bring history to life by building The Crossing 300 piece puzzle!

About the image:

The 132nd Infantry Regiment traces its history to the first Illinois unit to mobilize for service to the Union Army in 1861. The regiment served in the Civil War (1861-1865), the Spanish-American War (1898), The Mexican Border Campaign (1916-1917), and World War I (1914-1918) before being federalized as part of the Americal Division in World War II (1939-1945). The Americal Division served in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. In December 1942, the Americal Division along with the 25th Infantry Division and the Second Marine Division began landing on the island of Guadalcanal. On Guadalcanal the 132nd Infantry Regiment lost 112 men killed in action, had 268 wounded and three reported missing.  Following World War II, the regiment was re-assigned back to the 33rd Infantry Division of the Illinois National Guard. In 1954 it was consolidated into the 131st Infantry Regiment as part of the 33rd Infantry Division. 

The Crossing was commissioned by Colonel (IL) J.N. Pritzker, ARNG IL (Retired) in 2010 to document the role of the Illinois National Guard in the pivotal Battle of Guadalcanal. The Pritzker Military Library worked closely with the artist, James Dietz, to create as realistic a portrayal as possible.


The Crossing: The 132nd Infantry Regiment at Guadalcanal

Dietz, James (b.1946)

Oil on Canvas



All proceeds support the Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s mission.