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100 Cities 100 Memorials: Restoration, Recognition & Remembrance


A tribute to the hundred official Centennial World War One Memorials. 100 CITIES 100 MEMORIALS: RESTORATION, RECOGNITION & REMEMBRANCE is the first work to commemorate the 100 official national World War One memorials of the United States. As selected by the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, Chicago, and the Congress-appointed World War I Centennial Commission, these diverse monuments mirror the depth and breadth of the stories of dedication, sacrifice, and heroism they reflect. With more than 230 archival images, vintage posters, and contemporary and specially commissioned photographs, this richly illustrated volume journeys from Hawaii to Maine, North Dakota to Florida, and Arizona to Illinois to celebrate the varied tributes formed of metal, stone, and memory. The compelling text by art historian Professor Jennifer Wingate (author of SCULPTING DOUGHBOYS: MEMORY, GENDER, AND TASTE IN AMERICA'S WORLD WAR I MEMORIALS) provides a deeper understanding of each memorial and salutes the many organizations today that bridge past and present to maintain and honor these expressions of the nation's heritage. After the war ended in 1918, thousands of American communities, large and small, began to pay tribute to those who had fought and those who never returned. They raised modest plaques and grand arenas, vigilant statues and serene groves, utilitarian drinking fountains and stately bell towers, and much more. While many memorials were erected in the 1920s and 1930s, some date from the twenty-first century. While some honor highly decorated soldiers, others recognize the invaluable contributions of minorities, women, and civilian defense workers. This acknowledgment of their often-overlooked participation adds poignant dimensions to their monuments and enriches the narrative of the Great War. Published to coincide with the fall 2024 installation of "A Soldier's Journey" frieze at the National World War One Memorial at Pershing Park, Washington, D.C., 100 CITIES 100 MEMORIALS is much more than a picture book. Through the powerful and personal stories it tells, this volume stands as a moving testament to those who answered the call of duty and shaped a pivotal era in American history.