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Old and New Battlespaces: Society, Military Power, and War


War is changing. The cybersphere, civil society, outer space ... all are emerging as domains in which battles are fought. What drives this shift? How is it affecting the character and conduct of war? What are the implications for military strategy?
As they address these fundamental questions, Jahara Matisek and Buddhika Jayamaha show how today's civil society, technology, and military organizations are dramatically transforming warfare―in a world in which war is at once everywhere and nowhere, and nearly everything can be weaponized.


  • Imagining War.
  • How Battlespaces Change Through Time.
  • Warfare in the Nuclear Age.
  • The Complexity of Emerging Battlespaces.
  • Compressed, Converged, and Expanded Battlespaces
  • Civil Society and the Contemporary Battlespace.
  • New Battlespaces and Strategic Realities.
  • The Future of Grand Strategy.